Friday, February 26, 2010

not quite whole

Hmmm contemplative post.

Maybe i am not quite whole?
To feel whole. What does that actually feel like?
Of course i am totally whole all the time, containing all that i am, today content.

Like the moon, just looking from our planet the moon appears to go through phases.

To be whole i might imagine that all is perfect, but what is perfect, when i am here i can't be there, when i am sick i can't be healthy, when i am sad i can't be happy, when i kiss you i cannot not:)

Do you know? did you ever try? when you curl up your lips as in a smile, you cannot think bad thoughts. I just liked to add that here, i got it from Aria, she's still sleeping i assume soon her days begins while mine is coming to an end.

Anyway i am getting better and better realizing to be whole; it's okay to cry or be afraid, or feel uneasy or whatever your perk might be. And when i am laughing it's okay to know that not all is well, maybe it's all part of being whole.

maybe what i say makes no sense or you think i am reinventing the wheel. (Margriet threw that in today, 'to reinvent the wheel!', as a good thing and i am doing a painting now that i will call that, because when she came i was working on a round piece of wood)

Anyway when you let me talk i often wander off
It's all part of who i am, totally, contained, content and always whole. Whole like all of us, it's what we are.

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Akannie said...

HI Jozien!!

The 55 thing---you write a small piece of fiction -exactly 55 words. Then you post it on your blog and link it to G-daddys blog, which is

Then you go to his blog, and tell him you're IN, or you're he'll come by and see you.

It's quite fun, and you get to read lots of different blogs and they come read yours.

Hope you're having a good weekend...

Love, Annie