Sunday, February 14, 2010


My computer is so slow this morning.
Even my computer keeps still

Yesterday, we were peering into holes.
I would lift Destiny,
she would see way more than me;
beaks, movement,
and she'd hear sounds.

I would just see a black empty space
so still
the blackness

suddenly i see
it's a golden Buddha
shouting out silently at me
when we become still
when we close our eyes
there is
sooo much
to see and hear and feel
as always

click on stillness and you will find the golden Buddha, on cat's blog at February 1.
Thanks Cat


Brian said...

Hi Jozien
That old tree deserves it's time for stillness .Having seen many storms and season's go by .I wonder what stories it would tell if only:)Brian(:

TechnoBabe said...

Being still and allowing the stillness in opens the senses to "see" I think. Where you live there are so many natural wonders. Trees, animals. Lovely.

catvibe said...

You are more than welcome. What a beautiful blog you have, and I love your photos! I am so happy to meet you Jozien, all things seem to have worked out more than perfectly.

What I love about the headless buddhas, you have captured in your writings. In seeking to be led by the trees, the wind, the stars, the sun, the spirit that moves through all and connects us all, instead of our heads, our thoughts, our desires, we find the golden stillness of awareness. Big hugs Jozien. I will be picking the print up on Thursday and will ship it off to you right away. :-)

jozien said...

Thanks so much cat.
I did notice the Buddha was headless, i have no idea what that means :) But thank you for telling me i live in its essence.
I will go to your blog too and somewhere leave a thank you note, to the Buddha, who i feel is affecting my life since, with an extra golden glow.