Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I have a cold. You wonder why.
Yesterday i felt too miserable, today i worked, and tomorrow i work again. So tonight instead of doing anything productive i was browsing. Very much like a moose, but not in the woods on willows, but here on the Internet.
Maybe you know how it is, sometimes you find the most amazing interesting beautiful things. Tonight i was almost going to bed without much luck finding anything.
Till i came to a blog of some fellow Northerners that are friends of a friend of friends i think.
They did not see the sun for months.Welcome back! Sun!
And that inspired me finally!

THE FEBRUARY SUN in capitals yes, because it is the best of the year, right?
It might be the same for most of my readers (except the Australian ones:)
Not every February it shines every day, but this year it is trying hard.

Sitting on the deck, it streams straight in and warms my winter skin.

Thank you Manuela and Elias (and here the snow was dripping of the roof:)
Thank you sun

PS. for Whitehorse residents; remember Bonnie and i modelled for a photo with Norm Hamilton, part of a project on love and be loved, tomorrow is the opening night in the Guild Hall. I'd love to see you there.


Bryan and Vikki said...

hope you are feeling cheerful and well for the openning

jozien said...

I did, thanks, somehow one does forget all pain when excited. Now my shoulder hurts badly, what the heck?