Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I am so excited!
This morning i hung up 20 pieces of my art in the umbellula cafe.
And yes i like to invite you to the opening.

I keep forgetting to ask Tracy, the owner, why she choose the name Umbellula for her cafe. But i love the name, because of course it is a flower word. A cluster of flowers. I see that as a coincidence, i love little details like that, how things come together more than perfect.
Tracy's cafe also has one of the best views in town, if you like wild places.
It looks right over the Yukon river, in a location where there is bow in the river,with small islands, which has an incredible amount of bird activity.
After hanging up my art, having one of her delicious (truly) coffees. I am sitting at a table by the window at the back on the right, behind the counter. From here i can also see the clay cliffs. Underneath the clay cliffs behind some trees, one could see a small strip of a yellowish building, which' name i would never in my life put here on-blog. But i did think, well that is the best view of that building i have ever seen. And i have to admit i did buy some small nails there this morning, for hanging up my stuff.


Cicero Sings said...

I would love to come to your opening ... if only not so many miles separated us. I hope you have great success. Umbellula cafe sounds like a wonderful setting for your art.

Matt, Kara, Hunter and Cavan said...

How exciting!! Sounds like the perfect spot to display your talents.

Brian said...

Hey Jozien
I'm happy for you getting a chance to show people your art .If I could I would pop in for coffee and cake and take a look for myself.But alas its just to far from Scotland .So I will just watch from here .Enjoy the attention take care :)Brian(: