Friday, February 5, 2010


there is a lightness to my step
walking the sidewalks of Whitehorse
the owners of the houses
along the streets
it's up to them
some stretches full of snow
just a small footstep path
some bare concrete
slippery sections
sprinkled sand
ridges of snow
the path is straight
perfect perpendicular angles
there is a lightness to my step
till stepping of that side walk
when your not on main, 2nd or 4th
that's where winterboots come in handy
i am walking up to heaven
i feel the new phonecard
in my deep warm pocket
the possibility
to phone you


TechnoBabe said...

Lightness in the step even walking in snow and wearing snow boots. That's happy feet for sure.

christopher said...

Waiting For Your Call

I pace or at least
I dream of pacing, waiting,
hoping you will call
using your new card
to cross international
lines, to reach me here
in my secrecy,
in the jail of my tangled
hope and turbulence.