Saturday, January 30, 2010



TechnoBabe said...

What's the yawn? You have such beauty all around you. I know you appreciate the natural beauty because these two pictures show what you see. The top photo is really good, don't you think?
The bottom picture looks COLD.

Anja said...

I was just going to put up the full moon on my blog too. interesting so far away we see the same moon

Ghost Dansing said...

Belle of Amherst

jozien said...

TechnoBabe :) i was just yawning, because it was after midnight when the moon finally came out. It wasn't too cold, but i felt that the 2nd picture exactly shows how it looked in the moonlight, it's our garage.
Anja i will check your blog to see the moon from your point of view.
G.Dansing, nice to see you here, i will check your blog to see who
Belle of Amherst is :)