Saturday, January 23, 2010

more about the river and me

Okay, on this 'winding path' i did find part of my 'old' self back. As lately i wasn't feeling so great, today i feel more like my old self.
Which is, before starting to write, feeling anxious in what to do, shall i paint or shall i write, shall i write this or write about that other idea?

I know this as very much me, and feel good about it. Way better then where i was last month, and had no clue what i wanted to do. Whereas when i was truly what i write about in my profile, that time i was very focused, i wanted to be out there and do my thing and after i would share it on-blog. But this feeling now of being pulled by different passions, it's very good! For me at least.

My profile here on-blog, is no longer accurate for this time in my life, I feel the wild places, can do without me for a while, they manage quite well :) Nevertheless the wilderness surrounding me is still very much part of who i am, don't worry.

Anyway what i really want to say... yes what do i want to say? I keep procrastinating. Because before exposing myself; The snow is still on the trees, no big storm came by and blew it all off. This is going to be a long story :)

Okay i will first talk about my river, see last post. The stretch i drew it from Google Earth, is like the crow flies only 3 km long. Don and i travelled it with the skidoo, from one blue x to the other and back. As we had now way of knowing where we were. After we came back we studied air photos. Where you see the two little ponds, i know of a way across to the meadows. Now the only entry is by the blue x on the right and then there is an entry at the 911-pond, another say 5km. But as you see the 2km we travelled, all the loops and bends, probably more like 8 km.
Really this kind of travel is not goal-oriented. As it is not the shortest route from a to b.

So what does that mean in my life. I was so goal-oriented, now i am..... more in the mendenhall river flow period of my life.

You know i don't get anywhere, in what i wanted to say; Beautiful Taye lake the headwaters of the river, still 20km north of this stretch i drew, and the mouth of the river, where it flows into the Takhini river, 20km to the east. And from beginning to end a very winding river, i would have to write a book, to get there.


TechnoBabe said...

This is a good thing, right? You are partly your old self but some of you has changed. For most of us that is healthy. We grow and change and hopefully learn what is good for us.
You make it clear in your writing about the wild places that some of the places you are really speaking of are inside your heart.

jozien said...

Yes, i like what you say, and that hopefully we learn what's good for us. Yes!
Yes, i always write quite literally about the wild places out there, but i always knew they were places in me. I like to explore both.

christopher said...

What a lovely post!

Not only is it about the river and you, it reveals the beauty in both.

I am happy we have touched lives.