Sunday, January 17, 2010

skiing uphill

First; Right now there is a reclining moon in the sky, accompanied by a planet.
I say reclining, because the moon is laying back, looking very relaxed. What is that? Does that happen often? Is it me, just seeing it like that for the first time? I search the Internet and my little outdated astronomy book, and cannot find anything. Neither can i find if the star to the left is Jupiter. But That i should know, sooo i say it's Jupiter, correct me if i'm wrong.

Okay now -skiing uphill-. Last week i said to Christopher, i don't swim upstream. Today i find myself skiing uphill, which is not the first time, it is something i often try to accomplish. Probably it is very similar to trying to swim upstream. I like to go with the flow i said.
I suppose to make statements like that, it is nice to know what it really indicates.
Well here is my hill i went up today, see my trail. I actually came down here. I like skiing a lot, but it's not my favorite mode of travelling. It's my limited skill in combination with the places i like to go, that makes skiing hard for me. Today for most of the way i followed my snowshoe trail of two days ago. And yes at the end there is that hill. In no time i got to the bottom of that drumlin, i talked about. This year i decided instead of taking off my skis to side step up and that way making a nice flat trail to come down off. Being on the top, after enjoying the top as i usually do (it was very mild today and sunny!) i decided not to come down that way after all, you might imagine why, and i traversed the hill. At the end, photo, after cutting in the steep side, only able to go horizontal, i had to make this precarious drop.
I did not fall there, breaking trail, one is slowed down greatly by the snow.
I did fall a few times though today, uphill and downhill.
So what can i say about life, my life, no matter if i go uphill/stream or with the flow, there are always challenges, and really i like to take the rocky road, not the path of least resistance.
And... i am using my idiom book now, and what do i find!
I like to take the primrose path! and that's that.
Beside wild roses there are actually blooming primroses on this hill in spring, an Androsace, the Northern-Jasmine.

Oxford Dictionary of English Idioms - the primrose path - the pursuit of pleasure, especially when it is seen to bring disastrous consequences.
The allusion here is to 'the primrose path of dalliance' to which Ophelia refers in Hamlet.


Anonymous said...

staar in het vuur
koester je herinneringen
por het vuur niet op
schop niet tegen het smeulende hout
de vonken zullen veel schade aanrichten
koester warme herinneringen
zo beperk je de schade
aan de omgeving en bij jezelf
liefs :~)

TechnoBabe said...

Very good way of bringing real life behavior into perspective by comparing to nature. You do tough it out though because not many of us would be able to make it up the hill in show shoes or skis. And you realize that falling is part of life whether it is in snow or in relationships or at a job. Really like your addition of the idioms.

Anonymous said...

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