Friday, January 8, 2010

Hi Raven

When the Raven talks to me, i say; hi Christopher, how are you doing?
And no, i don't call the raven, Christopher. I do mean Christopher there in Oregon.
Yesterday he had an interesting post about food, the dilemma of eating.
Tomorrow i will make a photo of remains of what i eat (today's didn't work out, but the raven did:)
So i eat oranges and i do eat meat.
But at least with the meat, i do feel i am in the very fortunate position, of being there from the very beginning till the end. The only thing i don't do is pull the trigger. And i probably never will, i could not. But really i think, by eating meat, i should be able to kill too.
And for oranges i like to add; I don't know what people earn, who pick them for me, but i should be willing to do that job, for whatever money they make and under whatever conditions they work.
hmmmmmm i like chocolate too, a lot. and it doesn't grow on my tree, which ain't mine anyway. Ohhhh all these dilemmas.
I just think it's a good thing to think about these things, once in a while. Thanks Christopher.


TechnoBabe said...

Great picture of the raven. My hubby has used a name with raven in it for many years. Good to hear about your taste for oranges. Yes, it is good to think about what we eat and how it gets to us. This morning I made spaghetti for breakfast. Each day is totally different. Life is right there ready for me to experience, and I am up the challenge.

christopher said...

Jozien, you are kind with me. I love sharing the journey with you.

Laurel said...

I had a raven who kept me company all last winter. He came by mid-morning and mid-afernoon, perched at the top of one of the tallest fir trees, and said a few things, then flew off. But this winter - no raven.