Saturday, January 23, 2010

the river

take me
take me my love
on your sled
take me down that frozen river
winding is our path
any obstacle
you remove it
you are my strenght
and i'm your heart

the path of my river, the mendenhall.


TechnoBabe said...

That would be some dizzying trip!!!

Brian said...

Hi Jozien
I follow the Happy Trappers
and thought I would look in and see what the keeper of wild places gets up to !
Nice words and a good picture take care:)Brian(:

Anja said...

Hi Jozien Checking in on you. Do you sometimes get cabin fever? It looks like being outside lifts your spirits usually. I love looking at your pictures!blessings

jozien said...

Indeed Anja, being outside always lifts my spirits. I don't think i had cabin fever, but i have to say that this is my first winter, where i didn't always feel like going outside. Now feeling good again, my winter will be too short, because i missed a month :)

Shadow said...

how beautiful your picture and your words!!!

Liz said...

I never commented on this and how much I love your words. Beautiful.