Tuesday, January 26, 2010

false alarm

Okay, what was i going to write;
the trees free of their load
they sprang back
to their old form
no more arrows pointing
to stars in the sky
no more bending backwards
becoming one with earth
just some snowballs
hanging on for dear life

Oh, i restarted my computer and everything was back to normal, everything still there.
Just an exercise in accepting the Nothingness of my existence, i suppose.
(see last post)
You know i did feel kind of a slight panic, what if...
There was also a sense of freedom in it.
Starting with a clean sheet. oh well.


Liz said...

This made me laugh for some reason. :) Sometimes I think a clean slate would feel good...But I would totally panic!

"an exercise in accepting the Nothingness of my existence"

I need to do these exercises!!!

I love the photo. We had pouring rain yesterday. So much of the snow is gone :(.

Love to you -- I am very glad that everything is back...because I don't want an exercise in the nothingness of your existence!!! I would feel quite a loss!

TechnoBabe said...

Yes, the landscape is constantly changing in winter isn't it? The white is off the trees here too and even with more snow this week the drifts are not as high as they were. We had to keep digging around the mail box but don't have to now. You sound like my hubby about the computer. He believes that a good fix for just about any computer problem is shut down completely and start up fresh. And it usually works!

The Crow said...

Wow! Double learning experience: the reality without the consequences of reality :)
Keep a backup !!!!!!!!!!!!!

You don't have to.

jozien said...

Yes, Liz i am glad too :)
And technobabe, when things like that would happen, i hang on to your husbands attitude! Because... my sin said after the fact, "mom i was surprised at how calm you actually were, through the whole thing." I am learning:)
Hi Crow :) 'the reality without the consequence of reality'I like that!, i will take it in my dreams tonight.
And yes i will work on my back-up device, i do have something, but i don't know how it works (that's typically me)

jozien said...

Not my sin, but my son Alexander!
and i forgot to say:
Love you all!

christopher said...

In fall a year ago I was the victim of identity theft. They took my wallet and my computer in my work bag. I scrambled and as far as I know successfully protected myself against every financial danger. Eventually I got my driver's license back and social security card back. The computer was old enough that I didn't really care about it.

The one thing that hurt was the portable hard drive full of music. I thought that was my only copy. In December by accident I found out I had forgotten something. I had backed that music up onto the separate hard drive I have to back up my financial records. It is my practice to back up important stuff, but I had forgotten I had done that.

What a surprise. I got everything of importance back from that event. What that music is, hours and hours of ripping library CDs to collect the music. That's what back up did for me.

Another example...I learned AutoCAD by taking a two week orientation and then a year later was given the last part of a project to learn on. How I got the end of the project, they were out of money anyway, and they had put the operator on paying work somewhere else. They wrote off the loss by giving me the training. How they got in that position, the operator had been working away not bothering to back up and then the computer fried for real. They lost all his work and he had to make it all up including overtime unpaid in penalty for his error, while they charged only for his straight time until the money ran out. So the company lost and the operator lost because of no backup. And me, I gained on that loss.

I never operate without backup one way or another.