Thursday, January 21, 2010

i keep my fire going

The snow still on the trees
maybe even more heavily
or heavenly?
the birch and willows
bending deeply
the spruce and pine
arrows pointing to the sky
yet everyday so different
i look forward to tomorrow
how about today?
today i like to skip
i do not like
to be held to ransom
me making decisions
about my life
i don't know
if i can handle
such responsibility

cut wood
stoke the fire

i'm lucky
i have a saw
and glowing embers


Liz said...



I know I will come back to read this one... I think I am lucky I have an axe!!

I don't think I can handle the responsibility either Jozien.

Love to you.

TechnoBabe said...

Heavy stuff, and very nice too. I love the heavily/heavenly combo.
You end on a good note reminding yourself you have things to feel lucky about. Hope things are going well for you.

jozien said...

Yes Liz, an axe might be better yet for making decicions.
Technobabe i did wake this morning with a heavy heart, and don't feel heavenly yet :) But i am okay. Thanks!

Leonie Lemphers said...

Beautiful imagery. I'm left with the warm feeling of thankfulness in the wood fire. Sometimes the best things in life can't be bought.

jozien said...

Yes Leonie, What is it about wood heat, that it heats our skin, but also our hearts? Not only am i lucky, but i feel blessed again.

Shadow said...

held ransom. no. don't like that either...

jozien said...

Hi Shadow, thank you for your comments on my blog. I feel very special:) as at the moment, you are my favorite poet. First i actually didn't realize it was you, as i always respond to your blog with my secret:) blog, that's were i have a link to your blog.
I must have commented with this blog, well i am glad you like some of my words here.