Friday, January 29, 2010


I sing and dance again
not too feel happy
but because i am happy

Life is a mystery
is it the stories
is it the soft weather
is it the biggest moon
behind the clouds

About yesterday's black hole, which by the way, wasn't a dark thing, but really quite bright. The words sorted themselves out indeed. And the tumbling of words i felt after, was not because of one happening, but all the words of all different events yesterday, where pulled in, in that one black hole.

there was me coming home after 2 busy days
there was the hitchhiker,
there were a friend and an elk
there were emails that touched me deeply different ways
and then there was the moon and mars bright in the sky

The hitchhiker, i would not have taken him, if i wasn't traveling with my son. I choose and pick, what i pick up. After he talking, talking, he said his name is Dan Chisholm. My husband is Don Chisholme! When he got out of the car, we glanced at him getting out of the backseat. And Alexander and i both looked in surprise; he even looked like our own Don.

Then we come upon an accident scene. A car hit an elk on the highway. The friend is okay, the elk not, and the car; oh well it still ran. And that's were i make this in a short story as all the excitement is now gone. Another friend, who came upon the scene, phoned me after; they had phoned the Game Branch, they came out, and took care of the animal and at least our friend with the badly damaged car was able to salvage some of the meat.

And these emails..... oh they are private
they all filled me with love
one made me happy, you can read it's content on my other blog, the private one:)
one made me sad,
one made me glad, for having such a true friend
and one, well that one was from my 'inside man' who gives me updates on... a certain person's activities.

The moon hides too, it is supposed to be especially big tonight, with mars to the left and the beehive to the right. It is truly an awesome sight if you get to see it.

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