Saturday, January 16, 2010

Oh Happy Day

the day before yesterday
last night

this afternoon
This white lace,
has been here for days,
only the colors behind it changing.
With light behind it,
it looks like a black veil.

Days in suspension

This afternoon there was a brief squall
I love the wind!
It was i standing still,
waiting for more.
All that white stuff
falling of the trees in big clumps,
dispersing, blown around

It was just the prelude
to a great concert of flying snow

Maybe tomorrow:)

1 comment:

TechnoBabe said...

What an awesome post. The photos are exquisite. We tried to take a couple photos of the white velvet on the branches. Can I borrow yours? Your writing is maturing or something like that lately, something good is going on with you. Hugs.