Friday, January 15, 2010

2 outings

so i cried for a month
lost my passion somehow
suddenly this week i realized
what is so bad about that
that i don't know what i want
there are far worse things for sure
one friend said,
you became softer Jozien
i guess a nice compliment
another friend
talked about
being driven to rejoice
well whatever happened

This morning
i could not stay inside
okay that's what i call driven
my passion you know
who knows, maybe it's back
i put on the snowshoes
while the light was hazy
soft pink
when you follow this photo
my house in the middle
behind the dark spruce
i went through the forest
on my dream path
crossed little lake
the bog was fantastic
and then blue china swamp
up little drumlins
and here i am
on the ridge
sitting in snowsecond outing

skidoing with Don
this morning straight North
Don takes me straight South
we run into the elk herd
the snow very soft
following trails
where i have never been
me drawn to Jo-jo
recognize now where i am
and start pointing the way
but my man has
a mind of his own
and goes on yet another trail
lo and behold
we come upon
big bull moose!

after visiting a while
we return
the sun comes out fully
the sky many different kinds of blue
clouds in all shades
from white to dark purple
the tree tops lit up
hmmmm where are we now?
i just point my finger
Don follows this time
first i am not so sure
if i recognize anything
soon i see my blue ribbon
and when we get home
the light is soft peach
turning bright pink

i know
i live in a dream:)


Nicolas said...

Amazing !
Wouhaaa which big elk herd is it ?? the Takhini Elk Herd ??

Liz said...


Beautiful post. Beautiful photos.

jozien said...

Thank you!
Yes, this is the Takhini Elk Herd, they were south of the highway by Mendenhall today. We didn't count them, but we guess at least 80 animals.

TechnoBabe said...

At least you know you do live in a dream that most of us cannot be in except through your wonderful posts. The photos are awesome and your snowshoe walks and skidooing with Don found the elk herd and your friendly moose. Becoming softer can be a good thing especially if you are easier on yourself too in the process of softening your heart.

jozien said...

Yezzz... :) thanks again!

dogsled_stacie said...

Great shots of the elk and moose! I drove out of my driveway last week on the way to work and looked up in my morning-induced haze to see a bunch of them right in front of me!!

I don't know who was more surprised, them or me! :)

Leonie Lemphers said...

Wow, beautiful. You've captured the Yukon's vastness while showing how alive and open the country is... wildlife, forest, mountains, the warm backyard of our home.