Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the next moment

I am listening to the radio again. The pass here is closed. (The road to Skagway).
I like to look at things metaphorically. The way i look at this announcement is that i am here right now, not able to cross the summit, high winds, avalanches and lots of snow. Even if crews are working for me to open it all up, this is where i am now.
I am very appriciated of those crews. You reading my blogs are one of them.

Yesterday, i did experience many moments of being in the present, hours even.
The most joyful, modelling for two hours in my life-drawing class. :)
This was something i had never done and no real training.
And that makes me wonder. In my wanderings in wild places, i also have a great need to be exploratory, finding out new things.

But really you tell me, being in the present, means that you can be totally fulfilled in this one moment. Which does always flows into the next, but also has a inherent aspect of stagnation.

I am just searching for words here, to describe my search.
And i won't call it rambling, because i do have an aim.
To know myself :)

I do know i am a fuddle :)


TechnoBabe said...

If you are saying fuddle is a negative thing, I disagree. You are exploring and learning when acceptance is necessary for you to be calm. You are trying new things. That is wonderful. Lots of people are afraid to step out of the box, but you step into the wilds.

jozien said...

So what is a fuddle? Because indeed i do like being a fuddle.
In the Thesaurus and dictionary, i would choose meanings like bemused or puzzled. As an opposite it gives; enlightened. Well i do like being enlightened, which i also can be. But preferable in a fuddly way:)
Thanks though Technobabe!

christopher said...

Jozien, clarity is overrated as a life strategy, as if you must see to know. The four-footed go through life flowing through the hints and the touch of the breeze that bring them. You speak of the wild. You put yourself in naked space so that all that is around you can speak to you. Your eyes are not the only sight. Sight is not the only way.

Clarity has its lofty place, like eagles know it. But wolf and coyote and moose and bear have other ways. It matters where you are.