Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Indeed Anja, Fireweed grows first thing after a fire. It is an amazing sight to see a mountain side full of black sticks in a sea of magenta. And i can imagine what it will be like now. A white ocean, foam on the waves and splashes in the air above it.

Fireweed is a pioneer species. Here in the yard it grows abundantly where we have disturbed the soil, as in turned it over or just having removed some trees.

It's Latin name Epilobium angustifolium.
Epilobium meaning - upon a pod(flower and pod appearing together).
angutifolium - small leaves.
Also called Willowherb.
And i like to add the Dutch name which i love; Wilgenroosje (willowrose).
Fireweed belongs to the Onagraceae/ evening primrose family.

Here in Plants of Northern British Columbia by Mackinnon*Pojar*Coupe, quote: 'coastal groups mixed the seed fluff wit hair from mountain goats or dogs and used it for weaving and padding'.
Now there's an idea.

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Anonymous said...

There are also plenty of medicinal/therapeutic uses for fireweed. Check out Michael Moore's "Medicinal Plants of the Mountain West." It can be used internally and externally - everything from diarrhea, to inflammation, to bruising to abdominal pain. It's one of those amazing, abundant multipurpose weeds like dandelion.

This is my first time commenting on your blog, but I've been enjoying it for a while now. Summer has seemed magical and bright but I will be interested to see how one copes with winter in the Yukon!