Tuesday, September 15, 2009

i live in the forest

And in between the trees, making use of the power line right away and the driveway, Alexander has made many structures over the years. The latest has arrived this weekend. And here he is trying it out.I was a little scared yet again, because i haven't watch him jump for a long time, just because he now mostly jumps in town. Recently in the new Bike Park at Mnt. Mac. And he has no interest anymore in his mother watching him. SO... i was delighted to be invited. Ain't he good!?

Today i dug up most of my potatoes. I have to admit it is a sad affair. hmmmm
I did enjoy digging though, It's always a delight to see the golden spuds appear out of the dark soil. We do call our local potato; Yukon Gold. And i have often compared digging potatoes to finding nuggets in the black sand in your pan. (which has been a long time, i did some successful panning) So i am very happy with my potatoes!
The reason for my crop being what it is, i could come up with several reason, one my lack of attention to the garden. But as i found today the soil is riddled with poplar roots. The forest is taking over. The big Poplar right beside it, looks very smug, still totally green. I assume due to the nice soil where it has spread its roots and the extra water it does get.
Don always threatens me to cut it, because he find it's too close to the house, but really, with all those nice new roots, it won't blow over so easy. :)

So i live in the forest. And that's maybe why my little paintings don't have trees.
Flowers, mountains and sky. In random colors. I figured; everything we see, ain't the color that we think it is anyway. Anything red, is every color except red. It's the red, that it reflected back to us, the rest it keeps. Right?

(added later; after i do this post, i sit outside in the sun, listening to Bizet, Carmen. The ravens start talking to me, from the forest. Talking up a storm, they probably say; Yes! look at us, we are not black, we are white angels, telling you.
I look at my own 20 feet wide, white wings, i am feeling very good today, and i know than, i might have white wings, but i do have a dark, dark soul, inside of me:)
Thursday i might appear at the Farmers Market in Whitehorse, to see if there is any interest in bark paintings. And it be a nice opportunity for me to see how other potato growers fared this year.


christopher said...

Way cool, your son. He used the power company right of way. That's a legal term defining the space the power company is given to place their equipment and the other equipment they may need for repairs or new construction without having to compensate anyone. You may actually own property but have a right of way across it that belongs to someone else. Then even though you own it, you can't use it in a way that obstructs the owner of the right of way.

christopher said...

I like your paintings :)

Anja said...

Our patato is yukon Gold too. It tastes the best.
There is a solution for a dark soul, ask Jesus in your heart and he will be the light in you.

jozien said...

Oh Christopher...
and Anja
You guys are giving me a hard time.
There is nothing wrong, neither with obstructions nor me.
I like being dark and naughty, at times.

And both of you thank you. :)