Saturday, September 19, 2009


Ahhhh i feel i have to ask you something.
I had two busy days and could come up with so many stories, but i want to keep it short.
I should mention the Fireweed community market. (which in a few posts back i called the farmers market) I didn't sell anything, and i would like to blame the executive, but really she was not to blame at all and she actually ended up doing me a favor :) (long story).
So there was the market and then there was art in general, there was Sylvie Bennet and then it came to me after i talked to Bob, he kind of gave the idea.
OK. so there is this thing going on the Western World, People say, oh this or that, but i like to see it all positive.
What has always been clear to me is that if we want to live happily ever after we have to change... somehow. I always think this change should be an improvement and not as my mother says; we all have to do a step back.
Now help me out, what do you think?
And it is probably said before.
If we all throw out our fears (one by one, no rush) and just live with common sense and awareness. All the money that could be saved! (OK, sorry we have to throw out a lot of bureaucrats and executives too :)
The thing is we could all really do what we love, art, cooking, reading, gardening, making love, whatever, if we stop doing jobs that are based on fear.
I will make one example; I have been doing some painting and it clicked on me, maybe i can make some money with it, because somehow it seems i always need more. Fear that i won't have a enough.....
I could just paint......
And then the story becomes long, because we are all caught in that cycle, spending time and money to make time and money, to really just....
And i feel that it is all back firing on us, with all the rules and regulations we are spending more then we get out of it.
It sounds kind of too easy, but think about.
Darn, it does sound clear. Please help me out?

Blogging of course is a step in the right direction :) We are doing what we love, sharing it, and getting a lot out of it. Right?

Do help me out, please. I feel i am on a right track, but......:)


Sue said...

So much art is free now, and I think that's a good thing. I take a digital photo, 100 of them, and I don't have to pay anyone for that, and I can share them free with others on line. I can write a blog to share with the world. People can share music files. So much good for free to share.

But for me the hard thing is that I live in an area that absorbs money like oxygen. I don't know how it is by you... and you seem to have more skills than I do, I couldn't feed myself without Shoprite, I don't know any mushrooms or herbs... I don't know how to spend less. And if I don't make enough, then how do I survive? So I need to work, but I feel good about working in a school, which is a positive thing, and not a negative thing.

I don't know... but I know what you mean... :D

christopher said...

Jozien, it has always been like this, hasn't it? What we need to live is an imperfect fit in the world at the very start. The deer protests the hunter and so the hunter calls on the gods to help him in his need. Even if the gods help, the deer still will protest, and thus the imbalance of things begins. Even the fact I need to eat begins the burden that brings discomfort.

That is why Buddha claimed that life is suffering (discomfort, distress), that there is a solution, the solution consists of the path to enlightenment and engaging in the practice that leads one along the path. There is no possibility of stopping the distress until one leaves the life but one can find peace within it. No happy ever after here, but equanimity nonetheless.

If you wish to look away from the necessary distress caused just by your being here, you may succeed for a while. One main thrust of civilization is to hide the worst parts of that from people living ordinary lives. And you are quite right that in the fullness of time the effort to dodge the truth creates more distress until you realize that the efforts cost more than the results they give.

Then if you have courage you simplify, but in the end there is still the imbalance created just by being alive.

jozien said...

Yes! Thanks Sue and Christopher.
And you too, Procurement Manager, all input is valuable to me, in my search to make a little sense of this life. It's wonderful being alive.

Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly - common sense and awareness . . . and to that I would add appreciation, gratitude and compassion. If we open our hearts to such qualities we find we have more than enough, we want less, we stop measuring value/worth by how much money our efforts/creations generate but by how much joy/beauty/love our efforts and creations generate.

I think living close to nature helps with this a great deal as it acts as a spiritual balm and opens our eyes to wonder everyday.

Enjoy what is freely given and give freely . . .

It annoys me terribly that everytime I start doing or making something new those around me feel I ought to begin "selling." I give them a new creation and their eyes light up and before they have finished with thank you, out it comes . .. You could SELL THESE!"

To me though, nothing is as amazing as just making enough and giving the inevitable abundance away to those I love. If I were to start "producing" for the market, I would have to do the same thing over and over when I like to learn new things and try new things, master new skills instead.

Our identities are too caught up in what we do for money, our marketable role in society. I've never found that very interesting. There are endless ways to make money but only one way to be our true selves and that, I think, is what we are really here for . . . Maybe we will be rewarded with material riches for doing so, maybe we won't, it probably doesn't really matter.

I really love your blog - but you are so prolific, it's hard to keep up!