Sunday, August 30, 2009


At Mendenhall landing there are 4 swans and several ducks. All there on there way South. As always i tried to sneak up on them, but they see me anyway. I am really not very sneaky :) They spread their great wings, at first that is quite a movement to make as you see here in the picture, but then they lift off very easily.
Don and i are at the landing to see if there are Shaggy Mane mushrooms, he found a meal elsewhere yesterday. And we love them. We had them for breakfast. For lunch we had Puff balls. Yesterday at the party we fried up the Meadow Mushrooms. (let me know when i start to grow moldy)

The Fireweed is in seed.

You can imagine when the wind will pick up, we are in a fireweed fluff cloud.
I will let you know how that is. One fluff will already be quite ticklish at my nose.

At the end of the day, when the light was turning gold, (now it is) I went High Bush Cranberry picking. These berries turn out to be abundant too this year, and hopefully i will pick again in a few days. The forest where i pick is magical, it is where elfin creek goes underground. Before i get there i smell the cranberries. The bushes bright pinkish red, or dark red, some still green. All the berries vermilion red, shiny like glass.
The forest; Spruce and the strong smelling, deliciously so, Balsam Poplars, which when i look up are turning gold.

By the way, i am all calm now, did do the things i wanted to, today (which didn't include housekeeping anyway)


Anja said...

Fireweed seems to be abundant, is it one of the first plants to grow after a fire?

christopher said...

Not A Swan

If you came up on
me floating in the middle
of my small puddle
I would be scrambling
into the air, like some big
old ungainly bird,
definitely not
a swan.