Sunday, September 27, 2009


First :) i feel an abundance of love right now. I sit in the woods and can look at anything and feel great love, i pick up a little branch, grey weathered wood, shaped very elegant, bugs made delicate wrinkly lines in it under the bark long time ago. Soooo beautiful.
The whole feeling is still with me; music, soup simmering(everything from my own wilderness here)on the wood stove, you guys out there.

I have been cutting wood with Don again. haha, all went amazingly well again, he even complimented me on how i stacked the wood. My philosophy is; there is no right or wrong way to stack wood, my way should always be the right way. Yours too that is.
So, you might assume that i feel this great love for my husband, hmmmm at him i look and wonder, enjoying the peace between us lately. Lets keep it at that.

Anyway abundance: Always lots of standing dead wood for us, very close to the house.
Walking 2 steps from where we are cutting, an amazing amount of poplar bark just right for my art. Big beautiful pieces, and i have to improve my painting skills for these big pieces.
Right where we are cutting, i pick lots of rose hips, not the big ones that are out in the open, but enough for a few cups of vermilion red beats of vitamin C.
And now of course, a woodpile close to the house, to keep us warm. Yes, Tilly, it is in that spot again, just a little over and not quite where Don always wanted it. But exactly where i like it.:)

and Nina, my love flows to you too, Happy Birthday!!!

PS. and i forget to mention, the birds, the woodpeckers and the sound of the wing beat of the ravens, and the softest, lightest, rain drops falling, those definitely not abundant in quantity(luckily) but in quality. :)


RachelW said...

I'm glad you are finding peace. That's the best place to be.

Sue said...

I love that feeling... love, peace, happiness, and hot soup :D