Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kwalin Koyotes

Tonight driving home from town, i sit in the passenger seat. It is a mystical trip.
Last night; red skies, farmers delight.And indeed after a sunny day yesterday, it rained all night. During the day it actually wasn't too bad. And i had the good fortune to walk upon some, for me, new trails today. The Kwalin Koyotes' ski trails. (i happen to come upon them, due to my new job, starting somewhere in October)
It's in Whitehorse. A very different forest again. First i notice the different kind of yellow leaves on the ground, they are Willow leaves and Balsam Poplar leaves. As i look up in this moist coniferous forest (Pine and Spruce), there are incredibly tall Willows, and skinny taller Balsam Poplars.
Gary Baylee, tells me just follow the well established trail. Which, where i come from (Mendenhall) is really a road, under a layer of now topsoil, needles, leaves and moss, there is century old, very coarse gravel.
I walk the high trail twice, all in this Little pocket in between the sounds of roads and the smell of :) houses.
Gary had drawn me a rough map, which was good, (thanks Gary) because, i would have gotten lost, and I walk the high trail twice, because i didn't really know how i ended up at the Kwalin Koyotes' ski-shed again.

Very much later, many errands later, Don picks me up again, and driving out of town, i notice something different again; in a cloudy sky, some wispy clouds very close by.
Out of town it certainly has rained more today, and now there are low clouds hanging in the valley. Mountains sticking out and strips of fog hanging over the road. Some blue sky and some pink clouds. (In our semi-desert climate, we don't get this normally)
Closer to home. Tyler Mountain only shows a completely white top, a cloud laying on top and above that in the still blue evening sky, a star shining! It must be Venus.

Tall willows, coyotes and Venus starring in the mist, if all days where mystical like this....


christopher said...

Here's a thought, sweetie.

It's always 5:00 pm somewhere on the planet. Likewise, it is always mystical somewhere on the planet. If that were not true, we would be very much worse off than we are.

I am happy you had the chance at it on this day.

jozien said...

yehhh, let's meet at 5pm tomorrow, somewhere on this planet.