Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Haines Summit

My husband and i went camping on the summit. The new header of my blog, is part of the view we woke up to. The picture below one small part of a small glacier. Just a little, little tip of the immense St.Elias Ice fields, like smaller than the nail on my pinkie toe :)
As i am cleaning up today, i will post some more photos on flickr, je zon, and hopefully write a post.


aria said...

wow, what a glorious place to be!!!

Anja said...

That looks like one cool place to camp. Can you put up your tent anywhere or only in designated area's? A little north from where we live you can camp on crown land.

jozien said...

Yes! you can put up your tent anywhere, i have no idea if there are any restrictions, or in this case park our van.