Saturday, September 5, 2009


Another beautiful day!
Some little gifts of this beautiful fall weather; I see one pink rose, two blue flowers, flax and Beautiful Jacobs-ladder. And yellow dandelions.
These are little extras. Of course there is still hawkweed blooming, yarrow and garden flowers.

I went walking in the still green waist high swamp grass off the 911-pond.
Last year there were 4 cygnets, Now i saw only the adult pair. There were some large families of ducks.
On my way back i went through the bluff, where i was intrigued by the bushes. Roses alright, but altogether very different from our very abundant prickly rose.
They looked slightly more pink in their fall colors, denser, with smaller leaves.
When you look closer

You see the hips are rounder, the leaves more serrated. And no prickly stems!!! This is the Rosa woodsii.
I am happy to have found them yet in another location.

Now look at our equally beautiful, totally abundant; Prickly Rose (Rosa acicularis)

I do have to say, because maybe i didn't do that yet, How totally beautiful it is outside, the trees still mainly green, but the mountains red. And the ground a brilliance of fall colors, bright oranges,every imaginable red, pinks for the fire weed and roses. Silver gray for the wild sage, yellow for the grasses, and still greens and browns of course and not forget beige and even white. Lower yet, on the ground a similar story.
The sun shining and sky blue with white and gray clouds.

And in the forest one of the birds let me take a picture.

Which bird is it? I couldn't tell and would love your help.


Zoƫ said...

It is an American Pipit.

jozien said...

Thanks Zoe!!!
I guess it is migrating than, i spotted in the forest at a low elevation.