Monday, September 28, 2009

The Moon and Jupiter

A few days ago, I told you I saw this beautiful star in the evening.
In the meantime I have been polishing up my star knowledge a bit,
it’s Jupiter. I can see it right now! It is two hands to the left of the moon.
And the moon is so big! It’s waxing, become full on October 4. Two nights ago Marg and I saw it appear, low above the horizon, this big half moon. Last night it was cast over, but it’s light still illuminated the darkness.
Tonight higher above the horizon again in the South , with Jupiter to the East. And now, the last of an orange glow in the West.

Jupiter is recognizable as this bright yellowish star (stars flicker, planets don’t).
Venus being the brightest object in the sky, (apart from the sun and the moon.)
Jupiter comes after that.
Venus has a more white light, and is these days our morning star, I will look for it tomorrow morning if I am up.:) Venus shines somewhere in Pisces or Aries.
Maybe you could tell me, which direction to look.
I can recognize some thing in the sky agian, and will look for Gemini and then Pleiades, going in that line, I should come out by Aries and then Pisces, where Venus ought to be!

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