Saturday, September 12, 2009

the garden

This picture taken this morning, but last night the light was better. When it is like that again tonight, i promise to take some photos in that light.
Orange light on a golden world.
Yesterday during the day i was in town again. These days, Alexander drops me off with my bicycle. A Giant sedona dx.
Wow, asphalt is so nice to ride on, and really you see more than from a car. The little creeks and all.
Also my bike is riding better again. thanks to Philipe! Finally i had my bike fixed up at the repair shop. Wanting to do it myself all summer, and having asked Alexander to do it. Finally i took it to Philipe.
There are two bike shops in town.
Philip's for the more down to earth green person. And than there is icycle sport for the more green yuppie type :) They're both good, for us all who just want to get the job done.
Anyway. at 7.45 in the morning i ride from Porter creek to town, for a job interview. At noon up again, to do a job(house cleaning) and later down again. Lucky for me, there was a strong wind pushing me up-hill.

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Cicero Sings said...

I toured south-western Ireland with two other ladies, on bicycle a number of years ago. It IS a great way to see the countryside ... you take in the sights AND sounds on a much more personal level yet it is a little faster than walking.