Tuesday, September 22, 2009

working on the trail

The loop around Moose Skull Lake.
I never yet finished this trail. I am trying to connect two trails, so they form a loop. I have done this loop many times, but the stretch in the middle on the highest ridge, i still have to bushwhack.
It's been a while though. Towards the end of the (west)trail there is a elk antler, that i didn't see before and it has been there a while, because most tips are gnawed off by little nibblers, rodents.
On the ridge i clear the connecting trail, removing dead fall and cutting some small trees. The view is beautiful here, the mountains in the South, the Lake, the golden forest, and some grassy slopes. With the occasional boulder to sit on.
Soon the ridge becomes forest, and the boulders increase, with some exposed slaps of bedrock. There are also some blackened tree trunks from a very very old fire.
I am not clearing anymore, just finding my way, i try to take the same route every time. I come out by the little ravine alright, but after that i loose my way. And come upon this beauty,which i had never seen before. (Do you see the peep-hole :) Around here i should intercept the perpendicular East trail.
But i always miss it, have to find my way back to come out by another ridge, where i always find the trail again. Then the trail goes down in the thick mossy forest, where i used to get lost a lot too, but now that trail is fairly clearly established.
And i come out by the old gravel pit in the subdivision and from there i walk the road.
When i left the air was still crisp, but now it's warm enough to sit, in my t-shirt, in the sun, where the Magpies keep me company eating the Honeysuckle berries.

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christopher said...

I love reading your reports of your walks. You do them so well. I will sit with you and feed you Honeysuckle berries. :)