Saturday, April 8, 2017

Townsendia hookeri

Today, April 8 2017, an Easter Daisy distinctively in bud, hard to see with the naked eye, but the macro setting on my camera makes it quite clear.
I am very happy about that. And the way my brain works,  wanting facts, which btw will be forgotten by next spring, hence  i like to write it all down. And to continue that thought, the Internet has made it all possible for me to actually know, most of the time, how to find what i wrote. My paper notes are  total disorganized, not even in, piles.
I am trying to find out what makes flowers come out. I suspect it is daytime temperatures above zero,  I figure looking at all my notes here and everywhere, that for the first flowers to bloom in spring we need 3 weeks of daytime temperatures above zero.  It seems to work for crocuses.
Now i don't know this Easter Daisy (Townsendia) very well yet, but i now do know this one, growing 15 min. walk from the highway (where i drive by once a week)
When i found my first Townsendia it was by accident, May 12 2010 ( see my Jozien's  Yukon wildflower blog. All the  8 early flowers, that i know, were blooming that day. Now i checked the temperature for that year. Interestingly the temperature started rising above zero, March 24. This year March 26. So very similar.
Now i also know that  on normal years ( and this probably one of them) I find the first crocus by the end of April.
I do think now that townsendia will be right there blooming along with the crocus, just a slightly different habitat. We only see few last year crocus clumps today, and no buds.

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