Monday, April 17, 2017

all sorts of finds

This morning we woke up to find a little dusting of snow on the forest floor. Not in the yard, the gravel having stored more heat during the day, melts or evaporates a snow dusting.

Yesterday  Don and I went for a drive again, as i have always tried to avoid driving anywhere and take my walks starting at the house. I do enjoy his 'need' to go for drives out in the country :)
We ended up at his personal archaeological dig and indeed the   natural erosion taking place had uncovered quite a lot. 
Don and I we like to tally now. Having covered approx. 100 km distance, round trip (walking and driving)
we encountered:

20 gophers
1 hawk ( probably Northern Harrier)
1 ROBIN ( our first this season)
20 sheep
3 juncos
1 mourning cloak
1 deer
and at the very last, one more walk up a hill
2 crocuses (our first of the season)
here is one of them

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