Wednesday, April 12, 2017

spring log 1996

 in my yard at the Takhini river road Yukon


feb. 20 a flock of red polls
feb. 24, 8 am -40C
march 4 squirrel sighting
march 6 laundry outside ( which might mean it was warmer and clear skies)
march 7  -27 C
april 15. the creek flows
in april  swans and geese flying over and grouse drumming
april 16 dinner outside (which indicates nice weather)
april 18  one robin
april 19 first rain shower of the season
april 26 snowshower

This year the redpolls were in my yard here in Mendenhall, march 11, 2017,(maybe a few days before, i didn't write it down) which was much later then they were sighted in Whitehorse. Note that i did feed the birds for a number of years....not anymore. I might have been feeding the birds in 1996...

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