Wednesday, April 12, 2017


The first of the season, spring 2017, starting last night,  little flurries, now dry, 5 minutes ago specks of water, half an hour ago white stuff.
Accumulation ZERO! meaning it evaporates.

And yesterday instead of updating this spring log,  Don and I went out all day. The way we like it these days, we drive slowly, stop frequently, look, walk, pick herbs and have french fries at Otter Falls. We went as far as 14 km on the Aishihik road, left at 11 am and were back at 7 pm.

I always feel i should drive as little as possible (using oil products as little as possible) to know that over 8 hours we ( two people one car). We did drive approx, 130 km, round trip.

What we saw
13 swans
3 eagles
2 dark hawks
2 magpies
3 grey jays
10 gophers ( ground squirrels)
8 sheep
2 chipmunks
5 butterflies, mourning cloaks and probably comma's
dozens of grasshoppers
hundreds of crocus buds
male flowers coming out on one poplar, aspen
flowers on juniper, almost blooming

 poplar, trembling aspen

juniperus  horizontalis

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