Monday, April 3, 2017


Still i am not in a poetry mood, i will tell a story and chop it a bit and maybe it passes like a poem. My story today is about squirrels, and i am not to nibble on it, the squirrels presence in my forest is omnipresent, always audible and visible. I could easily say, my forest is owned by the squirrels and i am their tenant. Thinking of them as the landlord, they allow everyone to come and live in close proximity and for us to do basically anything we want. And they are very good caretakers, not only do they warn all of us passerby's and tenants when some of us or an outsider are walking by. They also look after the forest.
Instead of poetic squabble lets honor the squirrel today, lets make sure we build our house in such a way that we don't blame the squirrel for cleaning up after us. And honor it by having them have their own space, storage rooms and middens, spruce trees. Whatever you have to do to live harmoniously with your landlord, please do so. Thanks, Jozien

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