Wednesday, April 5, 2017

insects and birds

I think this blog , just wants me to tell stories, what it was originally intended for, the stories of what is happening around me in nature.
Yesterday Hairy Woodpecker, the male, was working on a possible nest site, later that day the chickadees checked it out too. Either bird, as i do not feed the birds, are not around all the time or even everyday. Harry as i call him, did come around audibly in February when we had a warm spell. A week ago it came by with a female and they had some kind interaction, drumming ,calling, meeting up and flying off together.
This is woodpecker heaven here, as Don ( my husband) and i are currently cleaning up the forest around our house, i do find many many trees, dead and alive with woodpecker holes ( drumming , looking for woodboring insects maybe) the little ones, big holes like this several too, but not plentiful like the little holes.

Flying insects came out too yesterday, i saw ( my first for the season) two blue bottle flies. and there were half a dozen observed by me, over a matter of an hour, yellowish round fluffy flies flying around. I have no idea what they are. And today i will look for them again, but yesterday there was no possible way of getting close to them and observing them, they would just suddenly appear and disappear flying in an opening in the forest in front of the house.

I am always so energized by this melting season ( which one can not quite call spring) i love watching the water run in the yard, spend time again yesterday  with my ditches, run off is going well. The snow is so to speak 'rotten' in the heat of the afternoon,  the tires are 'falling through' on the drive way.

hey i am sure i will so much fun again today!

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