Tuesday, April 25, 2017


I am glad i do have readers here, :) as i don't track it, i never know.

I got this lovely note from a friend who also lives in the wilds along the Alaska Highway

I have enjoyed following your writings and photos of Spring in Keeper of Wild Places. Thanks.

We took what is probably our last walk across the river ice yesterday. It is darkening a lot and candling with some open places along the shore. We went to our "secret garden". We had avoided it because of the shooting blind. But we wanted to see what was happening with the plants. And we did see our first Crocuses in bloom there.

The day before we saw tracks in the mud of a black bear and a little cub on "highway one" across the river. Now we have to wait until the ice breaks up and clears and we can canoe across. The resident bald eagle pair are back at the farm.

The Farmers Market starts, May 18, 2017. I have all the jewelery I can possibly sell, but I am still making some items just for the fun of making them.

Let us know when the Townsendias bloom. Maybe we can all go back to see them at the salt flats then.


Sharon Wisemyn

Thank you Sharon and here a photo of the eagles farther up river, Don and I 'first' spotted one sitting on the nest at April 15, 2017

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