Sunday, April 16, 2017

butterflies and a moose

all these first... what does it mean?
I tell Don, who is the one wondering, it is like meeting a very good friend you haven't seen since last summer.

This year the first mourning cloak i saw in the yard was April 9 2017
That is still quite early

spring log 1998 - mourning cloak on April 16

I do remember '98 proved to be a wonderful butterfly year . I remember because  i had just bought a butterfly book the summer before. And it seemed my eyes where opened to see butterflies.

When looking at weather graphs, which common sense tells weather is related to the happenings in the Natural world .... 

April 9 for a butterfly, according to my notes is at least a week early to all the other dates i collected for the mourning cloak, who is a hibernator and can come out on any given warm day.

Last year i didn't record it, but i have a photo of mourning cloak here on April 3, 2016
Last year spring came extremely early.

Spring Log 2005
March 6 squirrels active
first week of March -melting snow
                               - 2 owls
April 4, moose in the yard
April 22 - moose on the hill
April 26 - on the highway , a moose, porcupine and black bear.
April 27 2 fox sparrows 
last week of April -mosquitoes
May - snow totally gone
May 2 golden crowned sparrow

This year we saw a moose  on March 20 and yesterday, April 15, 2017 on the Kusawa road!
It does seem we did not see many moose around here for a few years, and this year 2 already

and yesterday Don saw his first mosquito

Happy Easter.


Anonymous said...


Ook fijne Pasen daar in het verre Alaska.

Groetjes Anita (je buurmeisje van heeeeeeel lang geleden)

Jozien Keijzer said...

Anita! jij ook fijne pasen!