Tuesday, April 11, 2017

spring log

I don't know if i ever put all my spring records together in one place? I have kept records, but as i kept them on pieces of paper or objects( objects so i would have a collection of objects with notes on it, papers getting lost in my care. But the objects are scattered too, and the writing fading.

Ha the computer being my  personal best organizing system.(Actually i do have little faith in computers for the long run, if anything there already is so much information, we might still not find what we are looking for)

for now
randomly archiving

feb 26. bison
march 3. after a 2 week cold spell still -40 in the morning
march 5. -26 C in the morning
                22 inches,1/2 a meter snow accumulated over winter
first week of march. Hairy woodpecker pecking on the house
2nd week of march. birdsong
march 28. 2 red polls
                squirrels chasing eachother
april 6. above zero temperature
april... black bear
april 7 and 8 we went to the summit, when we came back it had melted a lot here in the yard.
april 30 biked to the narrows ( kusawa) on ice.
may 3. snow practically gone

later today i will enter relevant observations from this year.
the last bison we saw....
sept 20 2016
This being a good crocus hill
same hill in  April 2016
April 23 2016
and the week before
April 17, 2016
this year:
April 10, 2017. the weather very warm, plus 10 C , the crocus bud still very small and only a very few, yesterday we saw 2.
Don did see an orange butterfly! probably a comma.


Florida Water said...

I've entered all you data in a super computer. Is currently running!!! (could take days!!!) (Didn't say my computer was good!!!) Sorry in advance for all my exclamation points. Noticed how I used a period on the last.

Jozien Keijzer said...

Wow, Robert Thank you, that sounds awesome, like really? anyway as it is snowing now, like as in snowflakes are coming down, melting as they fall, I will try to enter more. To me it almost seems to random what i recorded. Ha! but it still is data, right?