Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Bears and bees

Yesterday walking to my favorite crocus hill in the back here
I stopped in my tracks, because something in the distance looked like a bear, then i figured it is probably  a dark boulder.
....a moving boulder
 The beautiful black bear didn't seem to notice me and i sat down and watched it for a while, while it was clawing in the hillside and obviously eating something (maybe the crocuses i was looking for).
I went back, under the cover of little poplars, while looking over my shoulder occasionally, no he/she didn't follow me.

 a first of the season  for me, the bears are up!
and simultaneously in my yard the first bee was out, one.

recognizing an animal from a long distance, i like that.
scanning the hillside for movement
The other day distinguishing sheep from patches of snow, we found sheep have legs and snow patches don't. 

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