Saturday, April 8, 2017

crocus bud

Thursday i was in town, my April wild flowers article in What's Up Yukon had come out the day before, and as i do enjoy the attention i get from that, the talk went to crocuses. I had written we need at least another week before the will bloom. But as it came to be i happened to be sitting beside two women in  a local coffee shop, these two women,  individually!  - Were already crocus hunting!- Instead of what you might think, trying to tell them it was sure to be another week. I got up bright and early friday morning (8 am) and went up to my  hill sized mountain in the back here. In a warm swale, indeed, i found the beginnings! They look a little fragile though, i wonder if they had come up early in February with a warm spell, only to be stopped in growth in  our cold March. Now April warm again, i think they will make it.
And if i could  say, "you write it and it will be" as in "you dream it and we build it" I don't know who said that.
But my previous article, before the wild flowers, was about  halo's and all
and there it goes 
yesterday from that mountain 
i watched
a 22 degree solar halo! I had not seen one all winter.

If you are interested ( if there is a you:) do read my article on What's Up Yukon's website, search my name , jozien keijzer.
And :) i will read some blogs again, to be part of  the community of bloggers. I do find after i read a blog, and i like what i read, i have this longing to just press 'love'....

I wonder if Mother Nature needs our comments?

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