Thursday, December 31, 2009

fata morgana

As a young child i dreamed of living in Africa.
Now i have no desire to ever go there. Oh i would still love to see the lions, the dessert and... a fata morgana.
My reasons for not wanting to go there.... maybe this one at the core; what if i get hurt, will i justify because of my money, to be helped by a doctor, while thousands of others stand in line for days to get medical attention. How will i ever walk past them with a clear conscious?

Anyway i am not solving world problems of that magnitude, and will stay close to my own stories (rightly or wrongly? i don't even have resolutions in that area.)
To make this into a long post; i do feel that by loving, celebrating and sharing my own environment, the ripples of that energy somehow have a positive effect even on world affairs.And how does this fit in with a fata morgana? I don't know? All i was going to say, was that as a kid, the word fata morgana, was like a fairy tale. i don't think i ever imagined truly seeing one.

Now here i am. And once in while we see a mirage, which is a fata morgana. I wouldn't have seen it if i had not known these mountains in the distance, i wouldn't have seen it if i had not looked intently, i could have walked by it so easily. But today i did see.
The world is lifted, castles created, where they are not.
I do now live in a world where things like that truely happen.

And on that hill i stand watching the mirage, which is shivering ever so slightly.

there is this... tree scolding the little tree. Do you see it? Do you see the wolf raising her paw?


TechnoBabe said...

It is fun to see things through your eyes. Sharing your world is certainly a positive experience for you and for those of us who read your posts.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

I'm the same way ... when I squint my eyes sometimes I see places I once lived or in some cases, dreamed or read about. Happy new year Jozien!

jozien said...

The way we see things, and what we see, thank you both.