Wednesday, December 9, 2009

a cord of wood

I like cutting wood. I like doing outside chores. Especially when they don't take too long.
Today we had a pickup load of wood in just over an hour. Which is maybe half a cord of wood. A cord of firewood measures 4feet x 4feet x 8feet. And maybe this week i will keep track of how much we actually burn in an average winter's week. Two woodstoves (RSF) one in the shop and one here in the house.
The cutting went so fast, because of the work the people in the fire-smart program did, They clear out a strip of forest around a community. They clear the underbrush and dead wood, and thin out the forest. The firewood is for the people in the community.
I like the way the sun hits the top of the trees on the hoarfrost.

These photos when taken around 3 pm. The sun always close to the horizon, when you don't have southern exposure, you can be in the shade most of the daylight hours. Today's sunrise 9.57 AM, sunset 3.50 PM.


Liz said...


I have a little catching up to do reading here! We have four cords of wood -- one stove -- and a fat cat who sizzles beneath it! :)

I want to tell you a couple of things. I owe you an email, I know. But maybe this is easier. First I think you are beautiful. Just are. I have always thought that from the very very first time I ever saw your blog (I remember last winter sitting on my couch in a patch of sun and discovering you!) I also want to thank you so much for the comments you leave on my blog. Somehow I almost always cry when I read your words. Because I don't feel so alone with your words there to comfort me. So thank you, Beautiful Jozien.

Thank you.

jozien said...

Liz, Thank you so much. Liz, you are so beautiful:)

Anonymous said...

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