Sunday, December 6, 2009


Winter Sunrise

As i didn't take any photos yesterday, click on the above, and there you find some Yukon beauties.

I drove right into that sunrise for an hour, going to the craft sale. it was forever changing, deep oranges, purples etc, all the colors i used in yesterdays post, more actually and more intense.
At the end looking out and up; i felt like i was looking down, floating above this peach blanket.

We might have a late sunrise and early sunset (Christopher thanks for mentioning us:)but they last for hours.

The craft sale i went to, was for Sonja and me the least successful, but if it would have been the first i would have been quite pleased.
And as always; socially it was great. Lots of wonderful people.
And Larry Bagnell liked my paintings! That tickles me pink. And that it tickles me pink, that makes me....hmmm
let's say i wonder about my intricacy. That's all i am saying, it's a long story, nothing to do with Larry, he apparently is a very good politician and a very good person. Thanks Larry!

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TechnoBabe said...

That is a good description, floating above a peach blanket. I have to imagine a sunrise that color.