Sunday, December 13, 2009

christmas tree

First,my Internet is not working properly, i can't get into my email account.
For the Christmas tree; We found a beauty!
I would like to post a picture, but somehow i can't. Things are not working right.
This morning Don offered to go get a tree. I don't know what's with that man, these days, but he seem to want to spent time with me. I know we are married, we do sleep together, but that is kind of the extent of our relationship :).
Anyway we have a beautiful day in the woods, all the daylight hours. First we drive(no walking long distances with Don) to the meadow which i now call christmas valley. We locate several possible trees and keep on driving, there is still little snow on the ground(a few inches) and the ground frozen, so really you can drive anywhere, not with the black car i have to add, but with the orange van, which is a little higher of the ground. It being higher, we do have to cut two trees which do hang over the bushroad to low. This is an atv or skidoo trail. At the end of Christmas valley, we turn in a bushroad which leads to the Mendenhall meadows on the South end of the 911-pond. We are looking for sign of bison. Earlier we see two sparring young male elk! As it has been snowing the last few days(very fine snow, nothing that makes much of a difference in amount on the ground)all animal tracks we see could be either elk, horses or bison. We roam the meadows that are a maze, For you Technobabe :) i will compare it to -several strings of pearls- along the mendenhall river. We even do end up by the river, having to walk the last part. We actually do walk several times to explore where the van won't go.
The clouds are breaking up into, again, 'pearls', and the sun is trying to break through, in the distance sunlit mountains appear in a haze. Don stories are like strings of pearls too :) flowing from one to another, some of them totally contradicting the ones before. And i just listen, which used to be hard for me, but in a marriage you sometimes gotta give a bit. (being a blogger helps, being able to rattle on, no one interrupting)
A trip like this really doesn't really have a goal and eventually we end up in Christmas valley again.
Ahhh to cut the tree. We take a closer look to the ones we picked before as possible candidates. The first one has to many rusty needles, several are a bunch of trees rather than having one stem. Some proof to be having holes. Ahhh there it is, only 5 metres off the trail. Don with his axe and i doing the rest with my handsaw. We can even work as a team! And the trees fits in the van, no laborious hauling or tying down of the tree. Most years i have gotten a tree closer to home and mostly without moterized vehicle. This is easy! And on the highway we pick up a meal; A grouse still warm, having been hit by a car. We will eat it, just not today.
Thanks Mother of the Great Forest, to give us your beautiful tree.


Bryan and Vikki said...

our satelite is bad also

gfid said...

your Christmas preparations make me wistful. i used to love doing the tree and filling the house with festive looking runners and tablecloths and candles.... the kids loved reminiscing - there are so many memories attached to these things we've had for so long. i have many boxes of the stuff that i haven't taken out in several years now. it's not nearly so enjoyable now that all of the children are on their own. a lot of work, and it just made me feel lonely.

i've just moved into my place in the city in the past month. still not really settled, and there's painting that needs to be done, and flooring that needs to be replaced before i'll be satisfied with the way things look and feel. right now it makes me tired just thinking about it.

but you've inspired me to make an effort for Christmas. i'll look through the boxes and bring a few of the things i love out, just for myself.

thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures and your heart warming stories.

TechnoBabe said...

Your snow covered tree search sounds like so much fun to me. I read parts of this post to hubby. So glad for you that it was a successful venture and you worked together so well. Take a picture of the tree when you get it home and filled with your decorations. Are your tree decorations made by you like your art work you sell at craft fairs?

christopher said...

I live in an American urban sprawl. Nothing like this ever happens to me. I love your posts, sweetie!