Wednesday, December 2, 2009

i know what i
was dreaming up last night
today i sigh and smile
my heartbeat is a millisecond faster
this fluttering both uncomfortable and sheer delight
activities containing me
my heart urging me to go outside
the wind blows
the air it smells of rain
metallic, fresh but thick and heavy
good thing it's thick and not so thin
my fluttering wings would lift me
and take me way to far away
the sky 3 colors blue and 100 shades of gray
I climb the hill
to fetch my comb that i forgot
after playing mermaid of this sea of snow
i sit upon my rock again
where snow has visibly diminished
it is roaring in the tree tops down below
the wind taking one sweep at me
i dream, i dream
it makes me smile all day
my heart
it hurts
just a tiny little bit


TechnoBabe said...

You dream and smile, which is really good but your heart hurts which doesn't sound that good.

jozien said...

I know, hmmmm it doesn't sound good. And i want to defend my self; oh it's nothing. Me, who believes in listening to my body(physical/emotional etc.).
What do you think, is it possible could i dream without hearthache? Asking that scares me. I want to scream; please, please, let me live in peace with this pain.