Thursday, December 10, 2009

no christmas tree yet

i did plug in
the outside christmas lights
very late this year
then i went looking for a tree
to bring inside
i looked in all the wrong places
not one was right
although they were all lit
with christmas sparkles
and at 4 PM we had
the usual color show.
tonight we 'll have the stars again
and a sliver of the moon
i wonder when to
turn the switch for
an electric light display
do we really need it?
oh yes
it will look very nice


TechnoBabe said...

Looking for the Christmas tree can be almost fun as the finished product sometimes, huh. Photos are lovely, so real they give me the cold shivers.

aria said...

it's like a painting this one with the colours in the sky. BEAUTIFUL!!!

Anonymous said...

so are you Aria

Anja said...

We've cut our own tree one time, just a top of a large tree. It was so out or balance that we had to tie it to the wall or it would fall over. We've decided to support the local optimist club

jozien said...

Tomorrow i will try again. No rush, and i know where there is stand of small bushy trees...