Tuesday, December 8, 2009

a name

Babe I would love to know your name :)
I could just give you a name, but for some reason, i never have the urge to give names. I do have great desire to know names, flowers, animals and people alike. I know people who even name objects in their environment. I never even named my own kid (Don, my husband did), nor my cats(loesje and bubbles). And very seldom will i give my loved ones a different name, not even an abbreviation.

And who knows one day, when i grow up, i might start naming things. Because it is all about distinction. Expressing my recognition that you are special, yes?
I was always very particular about my own name, not so much caring what you call me, but i will always call myself Jozien, pronounced; yo zeen. Lately :) i have a number of different names for myself.
Maybe it all started with my grandpa dying when i was 5. I was his most beloved! and he called me Sientje, and i loved it. Writing it here is scary, call me anything, but don't ever call me that.

Anyway i would love to name the deer that come to my yard. They are a fairly recent occurrence. Somewhere i read that deer appeared in the Yukon 100 years ago. Only the last few years i see them on a regular basis.

As a footnote; for years we had a coyote coming to eat our compost, i named him/her; the one-eyed coyote. Needless to say, he had only eye.


Anonymous said...

ik lees je ..... :~)

jozien said...

Hi! {{{you}}}

christopher said...

I sometimes call her TB, sometimes Techno, never thought to call her Babe.

Hello, Jozien of the many names.