Saturday, December 12, 2009

white lace

This photo taken thursday.
Today was a day which i like to call;
-white lace offset on white-
The whole day a fine snow was falling, the poplar trees with hoarfrost and the spruce with a light coating of the fresh snow, the ground white, the sky white. Everything so soft. Even feeling kind of low, i love this day.
Yesterday another kind of day. First in the middle of the night i wake up with the moon shining on my face, i am in bed the opposite way. I am facing Don's feet and he faces mine, but with the moon i like it that way, and fall back asleep. When we wake up the moon is right above the christmas tree, we have the lights on while getting ready for town.
It is me that always likes to car pool, but today Don insists on it, i try to talk him out of it, as my schedule is not clear even to me. He promises to all fit it in his schedule and make sure i'll get where i need to be. We don't own a cell phone, so that is going to be interesting. And indeed several times, i find my self wondering what to do now, how to get to my next stop.
First i work, humming while cleaning someones house, i am done early and luckily Don's early to pick me up. Then i hope to meet Grace who was supposed to be early but is not there yet, i will help her setting up for another craft fair, hmmm....i hear comments around me that are..... concerning. Elsewhere in town a dear friend takes me for a fancy lunch, she is part of a group to get an award. Me hardly ever drinking at all, enjoys it all with too much red wine. By now my husband is trying to pick me up, but looks into the restaurant instead of the big hall beside it, where i ended up and forgot all about the time.
My friend is so kind to drop me off at the craft fair. I try to recognize my husbands car, it's black, many black cars you know. As i say, "for all i know it could be this one", there is some sort of commotion, my husband and Grace being part of it. With the help of others Grace is carrying out her stuff. She's kicked out, or actually decided to leave. Maybe partly my fault, but that's a long story, and i am all giddy because of the wine. Nobody really is too upset. Maybe just the board of directors organizing this event. At the end they are so kind though to give Grace her money back.
Anyway i found Don again, he brings me to the library, which is always very unlike a library, a meeting place, where you always run into someone to have a good laugh with,which we do try to do quietly. And after i do the things i do in the library, i walk to the daycare where i work for 2 more hours. And it is not the amount of kids that wear me out, but the activities i get into with them, all of us having a great time. At five with a car full of groceries Don picks me up and i am so happy to be driven home, in the dark, music of the eighties tuned up loud.
Coming home we turn on the lights of the tree and on the left above it is Jupiter(i hope i am right on that one)
And now this moment i turn the switch again, ahhhh again so beautiful, tiny lights in the dark snowy night. :) Christmas is coming.


christopher said...

See, you have a special place in the world...I try to imagine a day like that happening in the Portland area and can't see it. You need a complex city but with a small population.

Count your blessings, offer them to Jupiter.

Loving you

TechnoBabe said...

You had a busy and productive day. I like the way you describe a day as "white lace offset on white". Lovely.