Saturday, December 19, 2009

the tree is up

To see the tree,
where it was last week,
firmly rooted in it's spot.
It makes me cry.

Now i hope seeing the tree in the house it will bring a smile on my face. Christmas always makes me very content. And it does. "Mom, i wish i was with you." Now i shouldn't talk this way, because tears roll down my cheeks again.
When i lived in Holland, a total of 28 years orso, i would always spend the 2 days of Christmas at Home, at home, as the home i grew up in. No boyfriend, would have me those two days. Don lured me away right after Christmas, and married me just before Christmas a few years later, hence the white flowers in the picture, yesterday was our anniversary.
No and Don didn't lure me, it was all my doing. I met him the summer of '89 here in the Yukon. I felt we fell deeply in love, i barely heard from him after, till... just before christmas i got this incredible flower arrangement delivered to my door step. Needless to say, i figured whoever sends me such flowers, i have got to check him out. I booked a flight, and the week after Christmas, i spend in the snow in a cabin in the North with my truelove. "There you go Jozien, no sense crying now, you're still living your own dream." "I know."


TechnoBabe said...

Happy Anniversary! That is a beautiful floral arrangement. And your Christmas tree looks great in its new home.

taibhsearachd said...

What a beautiful tree Jozien! I hope you had a wonderful anniversary (my parent's anniversary was one day later, on December 19th).

taibhsearachd said...
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jozien said...

Thank you! and for our anniversary
we went to the sushi place on woodstreet. It was wonderful.