Tuesday, August 26, 2008

White Mountain Tops

Once in a while we get a little peek, that indeed the mountain tops are white. Today, around here, the mountains are green up to 3500 (roughly) then they are red and it looks like above 4500 feet they are white.
My laundry has been hanging outside for three days now, and is still wet. After a short summer the first two weeks of August, Fall is definitely here now.
And It Is Beautiful!
This morning I left at 10 to climb up 'Maria'. It was raining when I left and it still is. Well dressed in full rain gear, it was an enjoyable hike from the start. My body did feel a little sluggish after sitting in the waiting room of the Hospital all day yesterday. (the person being treated there, is home and recovering very well.)

In the Fall the colors don't come from the flowers , but from the plant transforming into their dormant state. It is neat to see how plants that are all green in the summer, all take on their own color Fall. In the swamp, most vibrantly; the Bearberry plant bright red, the moss almost neon green, Wild Sage light grey, Louseworts brown etc, etc.
Here and there a Grass of Parnassus still blooming.

Going up in elevation, the cranberries are amazing this year, I can see I can pick at several locations close to home. They are ripe enough to snack on, but for serious picking they need to ripen a little longer. As I gain elevation I come upon bright red Highbush Cranberry bushes, these berries are ripe, but at this location in the trees not enough berries to pick in the bucket. On my way down ,to my delight, I encounter Saskatoon berries. Right under the rocks,where the forest start. These are for me, the most delicious berry ( or did I say that about the wild strawberries this summer?) These Saskatoons taste like marzipan.

Maria you rock! In the rain walking on the slabs of bedrock is wonderful. My rubber boots seem to have ample of traction, as long as I don't step on loose sand on the rock, or on black lichen. On the top I make a little fire and enjoy it all. Like I say, sometimes I see glimpses of the snow, most of the time the mountains are obscured in clouds. I do see the valley below. And yes something white in the '911 pond' ; my beloved Swans are obviously still there. How would I love to meet them close up. On the way down I do meet another lovely bird; The Night Hawk, it flies up when I come too close only to fly to the next log. I won't bother it for too long, it seems distressed by the rain. And I assume it will need all its strength to fly South.

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