Monday, August 11, 2008

St.Elias Mountains

St. Elias mountains.
On the highway peeking into the wildest of wild. To me the St. Elias mountains are the ultimate wilderness.
It's where Mnt. Logan is. For me that all is totally inaccessible. I do and will 'scratch' at the edge.
I am always very happy to get a glimpse. Which is not very often, The white peaks you see here are not visible
most of the time.
If anybody knows what I am looking at, let me know.
The one on the left is Martha Black, The right one might be part of Archibald.
Is the dark one in the middle Profile Mountain?
But who are those White Beauties?!

As you guessed, Don and I where on our Sunday drive again. We got as far a Dezedeash lake as we know the Berries are
pretty good there. They were not as good as expected, but I did make some delicious jars of jam, that are now cooling

Its interesting to walk around underneath the Dalton Range and close to the shore of a big lake. I wonder if that is the reason
that the Flora here is different then closer to home. I like the big, white lace of the umbels of a Parsley.
And the bright red berries of the Bane berry (poisonous}.

Driving back,still on the Haines road, we saw a beautiful Beaver dam. As we got out the Beaver jumped in from the dam with
a big poplar branch. Swimming towards its beaver house, where it went under and didn't come out all the time I walked around
the beaver pond.
I approach the pond for underneath the dam. Crossing some dry creek beds. Close to the dam the little creeks are flowing.
They are many ,but small enough to jump across. On an open spot, I climb the dam, which is solid.
Off and on the dam I walk and jump towards the center of the dam, which is totally sticks and a slide for the beaver(made by the beaver)
Even here it is solid and I climb on as the creek below here is to big to cross without getting wet.
It is need to be at eye level with the water, looking at the house in the middle of the pond. I walk to wards the hillside,
which is totally harvested by the Beavers. And as it seems for a very long time, most beaver stumps here are very old.
And only farther inland I see fresher cuts. Beavers can cut very big trees, here the stumps are up to 15cm diameter.
Thank you busy Beaver for letting me enter your beautiful world.

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