Saturday, August 9, 2008

Poplar Burl

On most of my hikes I have a goal in mind, but am always open to change plans.
Today my goal was; a hill close to the '911 pond'. I have to admit I am after those elusive Swans again.
To see if I can spot them, looking down on them. I consult the map and the closest hill is 2 km away from the pond,
and happens to be the hill where my 'beach trail' ends. It is not avery defined hill though , neither very high.
Aproximatically 500 feet higher then the pond. But I yet have to find its highest point. I wonder if google earth can help me.

As it is lovely these days, I only take a light sweater, more as mosquito proofing then anything else.
The ground cover in the forest is already fall like; yellowish leaves, flowers in seed, and colorfull berries.
The timberberries, not intersting for eating, but very pretty, the leaves dark red and the berries bright orange.
I take the time to photograph, the blues(butterflies), which are still abundant. It turns out to be a Northern Blue,Lycaeides idas. I think most of the blues I have been seeeing the last few weeks might be those. As the male is bright blue,
the female brownish/blue and both have distinguished spots and some orange in the edge of the wing.

'Elfin creek'is finally down to its regular summer size, (some summers it even dries up).
From here the trail goes up and actually comes out on a higher beach (Ancient Lake Champagne).
The trail is on top of the open hill side, but the hill it self is higher yet, with mainly poplars growing on it.
I have explored higher by the end of the trail. (I can see the pond, but no Swans, by the way.)

I decide to turn up hill right at the beginning of the exposed slope, turning into the forest slowly going up.
It is a little ways in, when I kind of wonder, if I like this. I mentally make a note that I will be honest with you and let you know that not all hikes are totally enjoyable.
When I am ready to give up; maybe I will never come onto an opening in the forest or open slope or rock face. I know they are there but I could walk right by it and not see it for the trees.

As I turn back, I see a big erratic (rock) . Miracalous! (sorry, again, I can't report un unsuccesful hike to you.)
From the top of the rock, I see an exposed hill side not far.

One, I don't think I have ever been on. It is perfect, a grassy slope and to the west a beautifull rocky ridge.
It is hard to tell if this is the higest point though, but it is good enough for me. I explore it a little bit, but kind of rushed is raining!!! I find a tree, for shelter, with a view.(no Swans in the pond.)

From here I take a different route back, as I now am above 'moose skull lake'. It is on the way back that I come upon this interesting burl. Poplar burls are not as common or as big here as Spruce Burls.
These ones are fairly big and I have never seen the red coloring on them.

Another delightful meeting, in the forest close to our house there are the tiny, Single Delights, they are sooo pretty and smell sooo nice. In all those years I have never seen them here (uhum wet year).
I will post them on my new blog; Yukon Wildflowers.
(oh my , I don't think the spelling check is working, pardon me for spelling errors)

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